Natalie + Andy | Engagement

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

I may have squealed a little bit when Natalie and Andy told me the theme of their wedding! "We're kind of nerds" she said, "so we are thinking of doing a literary themed wedding". Oh hells, yes! I'm a bit of a book nerd myself, so this is totally up my alley! I immediately started thinking of all then fun crafty projects they can do with books. I met Natalie and Andy several years ago through friends. Natalie just finished up her law degree and Andy is wrapping up his master's degree in social work. They are moving out of Madison soon for a new job so they wanted to capture some of their favorite spots in the city before they left. We started at Period Garden Park on the East side then headed downtown to the capitol building, Michelangelo's (where the two have spent a lot of time together), and then hopped over to the Union and Lakeshore path for some sunset photos.

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